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from the FOSS4G homepage

FOSS4G 2007 banner.jpg

The annual Free and Open Source Software for Geospatial (FOSS4G) conference brings together the people who create, use, and support open spatial software. No other event brings together members of the open source development, open data creation, and open standards promotion communities like FOSS4G. Find out more about FOSS4G.

FOSS4G Features

  • Over 120 presentation sessions covering the development, use and deployment of open source geospatial software. Mapserver, Mapguide, PostGIS, GRASS, Java, Python, PHP and more!
  • Dozens of hands-on workshops, presented in computer lab setting, allow attendees to get direct experience with open source tools. Attendees at past conferences have consistently rated the workshops as a highlight.
  • A suite of 5-minute plenary "Lightning Talks" followed by a keynote address from Perl guru Damian Conway.
  • An exhibition hall, showcasing the companies that are bringing open source geospatial tools into the commercial world. This year the exhibition will sport:
    • An "Integration Showcase", with exhibitors working together to create a collaborative technology demonstration.
    • A demonstration theatre, where projects, companies and developers can show off their latest work on the show floor.
  • Evening events and socials at Victoria nightspots and landmarks and Birds-of-Feather sessions for special-interest discussions.
  • An aprés-conference "Code Sprint", where project teams get together for valuable face-to-face planning and concentrated programming time.