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'GISWiki is authored by volunteer writers, free internet project, Jukebox Which deals with the subject 'Geographic Information System (GIS) busy. It is a non-commercial zero-budget and non-profit project.

To cooperate is a wiki used a software that every internet user in the Browser can write new articles or edit existing.

In February 2003, the first German-speaking WikiWikiWeb founded on GIS project Describes itself as a free because all content under a X are , Anyone who gives the right the contents free of charge - to use, modify and distribute - and commercially.

Disclaimer ==== GISWiki:Contacts

Financing ====

GISWiki is financed from private funds and advertising ( Google Adsense).

Basic ====

  • ' 3 March 2003 - GISWiki goes on the domain "' 'online
  • '[[GISWiki: # News_2005 June | 1 June 2005]]' - The GISWiki what changed from JSPWiki mediawiki (version 1.44).

9 * 'December 2005' - Conversion from Mediawiki 1:44 to MediaWiki 3.5

  • '2. September 2006 '- Upgrade to MediaWiki 1.71
  • '12. September 2006 '- The English and German as well as the GISWiki openGeoDB wiki were separated from each other in a database. The individual wikis use their own database