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JShapeView is the new generation Java GIS viewer and component implemented from JShape Software. JShapeView has the following features which make it the most powerful and flexible Java GIS viewer and component ever created:

  • Absolutely free to use.
  • Completely written in pure Java which runs everywhere.
  • Tons of advanced built-in GIS functions.
  • Innovated graphics user interface which is easy to learn and use.
  • Open universal data layer extension which can load almost any formats of data or images into JShapeView.
  • Support printing, clipboard, export GIS data and save the scaled map.
  • Support measurement tools, scale bar, and graphics creation tools.
  • Easily create graphics vector layers on the fly, and save them into shapefiles.
  • Save and record the current user analysis into the project file, so users can load them to continue their analysis in the future.
  • Easily integrate the multimedia information into the JShapeView projects.
  • Allow to bundle JShapeView program and all (or partial) of its data into one single file. The project deployment makes even simpler.
  • Run as stand-along Java applications, web Java applets, Java Web Start network applications, or Java GIS components.
  • Only around 120 KB, which can be easily embedded as a GIS component into any third party Java applications.