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JVNMobileGIS is a WMS mobile viewer. It has 55.9 KB in size and it fetches map data from remote server instead of embeded map data in the device. Supported features in version 1.0:

  • Support CLDC 1.0 for low-end Java phones.
  • Get data from any OGC WMS compliant server on the Internet.
  • Select layer in remote server's layer list.
  • Automatically scale bounding box and image to best fit on the device screen.
  • Interactive actions on map view: Zoom in, zoom out, recenter map to the cursor point, drag.
  • Support GetFeatureInfo of OGC WMS specification.
  • Find best route (experimental and for JavaVietnam's map server only, this server is not public right now)
  • Support 2 languages: English and Vietnamese
  • User can set his own preferences
  • Search Feature in current map view
  • Alert when new version is availabe
  • Support touch screen devices (e.g. Pocket PC, UIQ,...). You can drag map on the screen.
  • Pre-defined popular server