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Die p.mapper Anwendung soll eine breite Funktionalität und umfangreiche Konfiguration für UMN MapServer Anwendungen biten. Dies basiert im wesentlichen aufg PHP/MapScript.

Es ist zu beachten, dass die PDF-Erzeugung mit einem proprietären Werkzeug durchgeführt wird. Based on UMN MapServer and PHP/MapScript by DM Solutions


The p.mapper framework is intended to offer broad functionality and multiple configurations in order to facilitate the setup of a MapServer application based on PHP/MapScript. Functions included are:

  • DHTML (DOM) zoom/pan interface supported browsers: Mozilla/Firefox 1.+/Netscape 6.1+, IE 5/6, Opera 6.+, Konqueror 3.+
  • Pan/zoom with mouse wheel, keyboard keys, slider, and reference map
  • Query functions (identify, select, search)
  • Query results display with database joins and hyperlinks
  • Print functions: HTML and PDF
  • Configuration of several functions, behaviour and layout via a common INI file
  • HTML legends
  • Various styles for display of legend and table of contents
  • Multilingual user interface (pre-defined: English, German, Italian, French, Swedish)



http://pmapper.sourceforge.net/images/mains.jpg http://pmapper.sourceforge.net/images/measures.jpg