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# This is a list of domain names which are considered spam.  Please check
# the guidelines on the talk page when adding entries.  Changes should take
# effect immediately.  Please do not use this list against spam that can
# be dealt with by user blocking or protection of a small number of pages.
# Syntax is as follows: 
#   * Everything from a "#" character to the end of the line is a comment
#   * Every non-blank line is a regex fragment which will only match hosts
#     inside URLs
# First Wikimedia's local list:
# see


auto\.pl ltjz2000\.com ticketsmyway\.com emmss\.com paidsurveysforall\.com hukuki\.net webrank\.cn gerhard\.paducktions\.net emmss\.net mongolie\.mn zw88\.com sj55\.com odyssei\.com shop263\.com 88aabb\.com

  1. freedom4sale\.com

targetwords\.com searchmiracle\.com 17train\.com flowerwish\.com uusky\.com scandinavia-pictures\.com cashmerebiz\.com 8cx\.net www1\.com\.cn ebook2u\.com ultimasurf\.net paperlessarchives\.com thuriam\.com wines-cellar\.info 100comm\.com lemai\.com shouji\.com voip99\.(com|net) ganzao\.68l\.com LostLiners\.de

  1. historyofnations\.net # why was this here? commented out for now

  1. CCNGROUP-TJ spammer, generally numeric
  2. [0-9][0-9][0-9][0-9][0-9][0-9]*\.com #5 or more character numeric .coms
  1. CCNGROUP-GD and CHINANET-GD spammer, from list at\.cn 18show\.cn\.cn s018\.org so18\.net 18show\.org 18show\.net kingonline\.org kingnetwork\.net kingnetwork\.org

  1. CRTC spammer from list at

mmyoucomtypee\.51\.net mmyou\.com 7csun\.com 7csun\.net 7csun\.org chinamimi\.net gift800\.net

  1. end CRTC

\.to8\.com # ec51\.com # ec91\.com #

  1. 2004-12-20 one spammer hit source, skwiktionary and enwikibooks from This group:

nuoya-hd\.com # 1: renzhengwang\.com # 2: cp868\.com # 4: b2m\.cn # emay\.cn # jlsun\.com # hanlang88\.com # 100jjy\.com # nnuuoo\.51\.net # ny528\.51\.net #

home\.graffiti\.net\/grafikdesign # repeat de spammer

sjzyxh\.com # many page creation promos and dongyiqi\.com # "

oskceo\.com #

kgc-networks\.com # smokaz\.com nakurka\.ru # one of the above links redirected here



property2u\.com # and others

riba\.unixserverhosting\.com #


ohhmybaby\.info free-porn-friend-finder-adult\.info

  1. Probable spyware-advertised link


  1. --------------------------------------------
  2. villy's section (User:Jean-Christophe Chazalette)

b2\.boards2go\.com h1\.ripway\.com justlovexx\.net\.info viagra-drugs.pills-pharmacy.\net purchase-xanax-online\.daj\.pl buy-valium-online\.fuks\.pl buy-ambien-online\.fuks\.pl home-business-0\.t35\.com freewebs\.com\/home-business-0 # celebrities\.evac4\.com # games\.net4free\.org # hornyblog\.org # torrie-wilson\.org # pharmacy\.pumag\.net #

  1. --------------------------------------------
  2. silsor's section, so I can keep track easier

rackstorage\.cn # dimmo\.net seov\.net google-seo\.net vbzx\.net 5782601\.net xazl\.net guizang\.net wikidragon\.net houseso\.cn house263\.com xh008\.com artmtm\.nease\.net pxxi100\.51\.net serverlogic3\.com # one site inserted into edit forms by hyperlinker malware enhancemysearch\.com # same 51dragon\.com # spammed extensively on other wikis, spammed on meta by DragOn home\.tiscali\.be\/wallpaperheaven bertelsmann2club\.be\.funpic\.de # requested on talk page (duranmania|kajagoogoomania)\.proboards[0-9][0-9]\.com # spammed on several en: articles by different anons (duranduran|limahlmania)\.cjb\.net # same as above, both requested on talk autospectator\.com # requested on talk golfcards\.com # requested on talk golftour\.de # requested on talk presidentcard\.com # requested on talk

  1. These have been spammed on zillions of other wikis, see google: # 2005-02-15

gghggh\.com paper-translation\.com law-translation\.com book-translation\.com sowang\.com acmetranslation\.com commerce-translation\.com cn80051\.1816\.net 0302\.net \.xs3\.com # similar to and, commercially spammed on other wikis \.b3\.nu # same newsmotion\.com # requested on talk, spammed on en # 2005-02-18 linktrim\.com # latest target of spammers on en:PHP notlong\.com # same - another link shortening service boenicke-keramik\.de # spam campaign on de: - requested on talk handycool\.de # requested on talk 25340\.rapidforum\.com # requested on talk zymq\.com # requested on talk taichifollowme # spammed by same IP as, registered by same person 13288888888 # requested on talk azzacash # requested on talk # 2005-05-26 ebusiness-cards\.org # all requested on talk # 2005-05-30 globalflights\.org voip-guide\.org secure-network\.info ecar-rentals\.com ebackground-checks\.com secure-network\.info cruise-guide\.org wedding-knot\.com predictive-dialers\.org mycompiere\.com # requested on talk # 2005-06-16 mycompiere\.net # requested on talk # 2005-10-19 losthorizons\.com # requested on talk # 2005-09-25 glmf33\.fr\.fm # requested on talk # 2005-10-12 online-shopping\.wb\.st # requested on talk # 2005-10-12 888\.web\.com # temporary, requested on talk # 2005-10-13 pokera\.web\.com # temporary, requested on talk # 2005-10-13 big\.de\.com # temporary, requested on talk # 2005-10-13 payday-loan\.de\.com # temporary, requested on talk # 2005-10-13 www\.liss-kompendium\.de # requested on talk # 2005-10-18 home\.arcor\.de\/eberhard\.liss # requested on talk # 2005-10-18 home\.arcor-online\.de\/eberhard\.liss # spammer evaded above entry # 2006-01-12 dmoz\.org\/Bookmarks\/S\/spaland # requested on talk # 2005-10-19 geocities\.com\/hungarybusiness\/spaland\.htm # requested on talk # 2005-10-19 geocities\.com\/spalandhu # requested on talk # 2005-10-19 geocities\.com\/enspaland # requested on talk # 2005-10-19 geocities\.com\/railwayguide # requested on talk # 2005-10-19 dmoz\.org\/profiles\/spaland\.html # requested on talk # 2005-10-19 teneriferesorts\.com # spam on enwiki: # 2005-10-24 wik1\.info # requested on talk # 2005-10-25 mq6\.info # linkfarm, requested on talk # 2005-10-27 rx-seote\.com # requested on talk # 2005-10-31 \.mx\.gs # some kind of free redirect service - no legitimate use on wikis # requested on talk # 2005-10-31 98\.to # requested on talk # 2005-11-04 # a Chinese domain host? not used on any project. welcome\.to # requested on talk # 2005-11-04 # a URL hiding service - no legitimate use www5f\.biglobe\.ne\.jp\/~kokumin-shinbun\/S47\/4708 # requested on talk # 2005-11-06 viprape\.com # requested on talk # 2005-11-06 \.golft\.nl # requested on talk # domain hiding service # 2005-11-06 privatepages\.servik\.com # spammed on the talk page for the spam blacklist, way to go spammers # 2005-11-06 \.euro\.tm # requested on talk # another domain redirect service # 2005-11-07 \.site\.tc # part of domain redirect service \.corp\.st # same \.perso\.tc # same \.asso\.ws # same \.societe\.st # same \.zwap\.to # requested on talk # another domain redirect service # 2005-11-07 \.can\.ac # same service as above \.clan\.ac # same service as above \.cool\.ac # same service as above \.explode\.to # same service as above \.hot\.ac # same service as above \.just-go\.to # same service as above \.propel\.to # same service as above \.zlap\.to # same service as above \.zlip\.to # same service as above \.zmack\.to # same service as above \.znap\.to # same service as above \.zwitch\.to # same service as above ubtt\.org # requested on talk # 2005-11-07 joia\.com # requested on talk # appears to be a cracked site - remove later # 2005-11-08 prtime\.ru # requested on talk # 2005-11-08 hydrocodone # common drug spam # 2005-11-08 didrex # common drug spam # 2005-11-08 phentermine # common drug spam # 2005-11-08 adipex # common drug spam # 2005-11-08 sultryserver # requested on talk # 2005-11-08 aazman\.com # pure spam, requested on talk # 2005-11-08 cheapholidayaccommodation # requested on talk # 2005-11-08 lau\.biz # requested on talk # 2005-11-08 fiberia\.com # requested on talk # 2005-11-09 green-tea\.airmode\.de # requested on talk # 2005-11-11 # nor the years condemn crazymaidens\.info # requested on talk # 2005-11-12 villepin2007\.org # requested on talk # 2005-11-15 robbeklobbe # requested on talk # 2005-11-16 web524\.beta\.web\.expressmedia\.de # same as above # 2005-11-17 www\.angelfire\.com\/poetry\/seidel # requested on talk from de: # 2005-12-11 webloga\.com # requested on talk # 2005-12-11 lucky7\.to # requested on talk # 2005-12-11 degrassi\.dumbbaby\.net # from en:WP:ANI

      1. EREIAMJH
  1. ----
  2. Brittys wake: Aphaia wrote down them

fibromyalgie-treffpunkt\.de # spammed on DEWP by \.go\.51\.net # spammed on meta: by; Chinese spam \.freewebpage\.org # spammed on meta: by,, Chinese spam sexyladies\.eroticalservers\.net # spammed on meta by www\.amelatine\.com # spammed on fr.wp: reported by AlNo ganzao\.88118888\.com # en.wikiquote by www\.a688\.net www\.hsfangzhen\.com www\.jifamark\.com\/xhj.htm www\.h345\.com\/Hotel www\.epackshop\.net www\.hzyage\.com

    1. specially for Chinese spams ...

www\.copychina\.cn www\.zhkaw\.com www\.myseo\.com\.cn hz\.livingchina\.cn www\.dzsc\.com www\.02188888888\.com/itcp009 # on enwikiquote www\.1177888888\.com www\.isoway-yoga\.com/ # on meta, chinese spam www\.seo88\.com # on meta & enwikiquote www\.kufurao\.net # on enwq, pprn site www\.MatchstickCats\.com # on enwp, reported by Linuxbeak@#wikimedia flats\.h1\.ru # on several wikis including en & ruwp, by request chinaplay\.org # On enwq.

    1. On Swedish plea, 05-12-31

www\.games-soft\.net\/sex_games\.html www\.2adultflashgames\.com\/ www\.xtrastats\.com\/webcams\/free-adult-webcam-live-chat\/ www\.dralex\.info # on lawq www\.zya9\.info # on lawq

      1. Links from Sj, from GV Wiki ( and other MW sites
  1. The .to bandit (prolific; lots of sites)

\.go\.to \.connect\.to \.drive\.to \.run\.to \.surf\.to

    1. Russian spam

\.shengen\.ru # apparently has acceptable uses, but do a google search for the domain \.visa-usa\.ru \.2x4\.ru

    1. Free russian hosts with acceptable uses
  1. \.pp\.ru
  2. \.newmail\.ru
  3. \.nm\.ru
  4. \.chat\.ru
  5. \.euro\.ru
    1. Chinese spam

\.town-china\.cn \.anteyi\.cn \.atetech\.com\.cn \.ic37\.com 91yg\.com 51wisdom\.com 56918\.com air520\.com 021boy\.com ywxjm\.com \.haole\.cn \.gguu\.com idc2008\.cn google-in-china\.org \.dzsc\.com

    1. Others

\.detox-kit\.com \.21jewelry\.com \.maclenet\.com \.mrjeweller\.us \.lxhost\.com \.125mb\.com \.linemd\.com \.buyremedy\.com \.fineaction\.com online-levitra-4sale\.com online-poker\.webpark\.pl gambling-forums\.net adultfriend\.404host\.com homedb\.slife\.com info-for-home\.slife\.com WTHP[0-9]\.disney\.com #--(how'd they get those domains? weird.) \.p21\.info \.forexhsi\.com \.sexy-maidens\.info \.tempurpedics\.org \.kanod\.com \.hilbort\.com \.guvax\.com \.leronex\.com \.sekob\.com \.usefulresults\.com \.welllook\.com \.18servers\.com \.ds4a\.com \.linemd\.com \.sexus\.host \.1min\.us allfioricet\.com allvicodin\.com diazepampill\.com russia\.webmatrixhosting\.net zya9\.info \.p2l\.info azzacash\.com

    1. General hosts with large #s of spambot subdomains, but also useful ones. Touch choices.
  1. \.netfirms\.com # (25+ separate spambot subdomains)
  2. \.host\.sk # (10+ separate spambot subdomains)
  3. \.fiberia\.com # (many separate spambot subdomains)
  4. \.webzdarma\.cz # (many)
  5. \.sweb\.cz # (many)
  6. \.front\.ru
  7. \.narod\.ru
  8. \.nonews\.ru

  1. --------------------------------------------
  2. Korg's section

white\.prohosting\.com 4ljd\.info buy-cheap-meds\.us julie\.xxserv\.com pills-pharmacy\.net searchterror\.com lycos1\.com 0s48\.info torontonian\.com 1stOK\.com

  1. *10a

vacarreno\.net wiki\.servetown\.com cumfiesta4\.us stadianet\.com (asiangirlss|chickens|freeadult69|japanesegirl|matures|onlybestsex|sexgirls|supergirls\d*|wiki|wikipedia)\.servik\.com \.fw\.nu 5g6y\.info (alprazolam|ambien|diazepam|valium|xanax|zolpidem)\.daj\.pl sex\.hut1\.ru vanjatka\.be

  1. *20b

vorbo\.com stdhost\.net kelly-hosting\.com 101hosters\.com cvh100\.com onix1000\.com k6je\.info

  1. thepiratebay\.org
  2. piratebay\.org #test/temp


  1. *30c

redirect\.hm drugs\.passingg\.as drugs\.isgre\.at drugs\.byinter\.net drugs\.lowestprices\.at drugs\.chickenkiller\.com drugs\.ignorelist\.com drugs\.mooo\.com drugs\.strangled\.net [0-9]+\.\S+\.info\/?\s+[0-9]+\s*\]

  1. *40d

lol\.to loprox\.atwork\.to niaspan\.mrfriendly\.com tricor\.athome\.to 7726\.info cc3\.be freesexyhouse\.com freewebs\.com\/diet-about-diet skozlozop\.com z0rder\.tripod\.com

  1. *50e

smuttygirls\.info f3so\.info health-medical\.be w9uh\.info

  1. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  2. The following is derived from, thanks guys
  3. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  1. Top level domains to block: (your choice)
  2. \.cn(/|:|$) #china
  3. one particular German spammer has been using the next 5 domains:
  4. \.de\.ms(/|:|$)
  5. \.de\.vu(/|:|$)
  6. \.us\.ms(/|:|$)
  7. \.de\.nr(/|:|$)
  8. \.de\.tc(/|:|$)

  1. Patterns in urls:
  2. You may also want to add your own profanity filters here.
  3. example: <badword> or look for a dash preceding or following the word: -<badword>

s-e-x zoofilia xqit ganzaoji aotubang aotebang sonnerie sexyongpin grusskarte geburtstagskarten animalsex sex-with dogsex adultchat adultlive camsex sexcam livesex sexchat chatsex onlinesex adultporn

  1. Removal requested on w:User talk:Tim Starling, for linking to
  2. adultvideo

adultweb\. # dot added to allow hardcoresex hardcoreporn teenporn xxxporn lesbiansex\. #dot added to allow livegirl livenude livesex livevideo camgirl spycam voyeursex casino-online online-casino kontaktlinsen cheapest-phone laser-eye eye-laser fuelcellmarket lasikclinic cragrats parishilton paris-hilton paris-tape

  1. janet-jackson ----> removed for blocking official website
  2. sibel-kekilli

2large oa274 -horoskop

  1. latex- ----> Blocks much related to LaTeX markup language; not a good idea

fuel-dispenser fueling-dispenser huojia jinxinghj telematicsone telematiksone a-mortgage

  1. 1stop- ----> removed for being overly broad

diamondabrasives reuterbrook sex-plugin sex-zone lazy-stars eblja liuhecai buy-viagra

  1. These won't work with MediaWiki:
  2. -pics\.com(/|:|$)
  3. \.[0-9]+\.com(/|:|$) #domain is only numbers
  4. \.[0-9]+\.net(/|:|$)
  5. -[a-z]+\.biz(/|:|$)

  1. Other specific domains:

west263\.com firmasiden\.com ttmr\.com gangchenpa\.com ibada\.org sd1718\.com huaxianame\.com tour[0-9]+\.com chinese-pesticide\.com jsgmt\.com rmbrmb\.com ndtek\.com ynkm-trip\.com euyn\.com e-fanyi\.com huangshan\.com hssight\.com changyuansh\.com ynsw\.com datianmachine\.com ad-ope\.com ama-son\.com microzovd\.com smut\.com

  1. \.4t\.com #conflicted with link at en Number_of_the_Beast_(numerology)

haugeprint\.co\.uk logical-planet\.co\.uk -luxuries\.co\.uk playbest\.de ja-ac\.com attapulgite\.org international-pharma\.com 51crab\.com touchcn\.net click\.com\.es cmd365\.com sensmagnets\.com cnliandong\.com szsuun\.com blueattain\.com color4day\.com rorta\.com worldinternational\.co\.uk abiao\.name aaff\.net aagg\.net atb\.name attapulgite\.com yucaibooks\.com bjicp\.net [0-9]+epson\.com newboyu\.com

  1. [0-9]+books\.com # is ok

digital-projector\.net ponytest\.com [0-9]+flower\.com nbflashlights\.com -bidet\.com google163\.net geciwu\.com enjoyguilin\.com burningcar\.net csetouch\.com lvhang\.com cnttec\.com sinosyn\.com black-eyes\.net 86ieta\.com bjyiwang\.com reputek\.com autumncom\.com sun-sand-sea\.com jiatugz\.com chenguang-cn\.com shangguanhong\.com payono\.com anttm\.com sharella\.com yesmeaning\.com bj-dzjp\.com cn-fireplace\.com si-bay\.com overseas-edu\.com iron-world\.com cnyunge\.com cnwinch\.com rongpeng\.com pasco-stationery\.com accessories-car\.com chinese-suppliers\.com chinalifting\.com blogletters\.com shop\.tc uvinewine\.co\.uk couponmountain\.com hukuki\.net gift800\.net mmyou\.com chinamimi\.net 7csun\.com fimdainternet\.com\.br allwoodoxford\.com cornishholidaysuk\.com silberhochzeit\.de\.nr -diaeten\.de\.vu -testen\.de\.ms malvorlagen\.de\.ms -kochrezepte\.de\.vu abnehmen\.freeweb-hosting\.com hintergrundbilder\.us\.ms waycn\.com dealcn\.com artsdeal\.com stonedeal\.com decorationsexport\.com nikeproduct\.com shoesbuynow\.com seekcn\.net tupianwu\.com ling8\.com ok8\.org dirhot\.com kan365\.com yuding\.org sex-fu\.com geneostar\.com a--e\.com card-lottery\.org nikeshoesshop\.com nikesupplier\.com top-point\.net ukex\.net yedian\.com contake\.com ulcer\.by\.ru ulcer\.ws loverussianwife\.com gt-lite\.com flowerwish\.com sec-battery\.co\.uk -hire\.co\.uk tcom-control\.co\.uk parkersexecutivecar\.co\.uk beaumont-bar\.co\.uk owaceilings\.co\.uk jgc-network\.co\.uk execsoft-software\.co\.uk bodet-clocks\.co\.uk buzz-hotels\.co\.uk longcrossgroup\.co\.uk reuterbrook\.co\.uk pantandsocks\.co\.uk bjrealcolor\.com efuchina\.com 21cnmanager\.com xunte\.com aclas\.com radi-instrument\.com wbzj\.com marketingbetter\.com topcel-battery\.com 23mr\.com bennettchina\.com luckyarn\.com shgoto\.com battery-oem\.com shgoto\.com kingview\.com hlhologram\.com haiz\.com jiasongmachine\.com fiporter\.com brightking\.com lily-bearing\.com waysvalves\.com hy-chem\.net v2tech\.com pumpvalveworld\.com flashfun\.com eastdb\.com [0-9]+fang\.com \.omnia\.co\.uk shopper-jobs\.us -outlet\.de

  1. -spiele\.de

-kaufen\.de -partner\.nl -partner\.de -partner\.se bjedin\.com vivaful\.com googlead\.com 21cnbj\.com packmc\.com dnsvhost\.com 2kdata\.com raiddata\.com nactech\.com markemiah\.com jobbnu\.com ifamen\.com hrbyly\.com firmasiden\.com bpzj\.com bnuteacher\.com datasoon\.com butianshi\.com iqwork\.com uswebdata\.com bnuol\.com hddata\.com by-and-by\.com egyway\.com xxx\.biz bucuo\.net

  1. -china\.com ---> removed for being overly broad

cqhyjx\.com qjfy\.com guilintour\.net 360e\.net chinajack\.com jiefo\.com web136\.net hyey\.com china-crestron\.com fif-relay\.com power-steering-pump\.com xiaogang\.com happysport\.com cn006\.com web136\.net ittea\.net mysunmun\.com luck-star\.com hailuo\.net jnjlnet\.com .sx98\.com 21cnbj\.com cnsepm\.com pdjt\.com hjbt\.com jsags\.com bzsf\.com cn-mzc\.com yi-tong\.com runtudyes\.com cghyjx\.com hegao\.com star-machinery\.net jitianmachine\.com fultrust\.com wx-e\.com nahoku\.com blogeasy\.com paidsurveysforall\.com isourceindia\.com thuriam\.com swellongtools\.com tlup\.com szhicom\.net inflatables-china\.com yourgoogle\.com transcosmo\.com ty9run\.com ad-www\.com 10000s\.com togoogle\.net jiayinte\.com pkuyy\.com ebani\.com 52wenxue\.com casino-online-on-line\.com eczz\.com 211\.157\.35\.153 musica\.org\.es \.y365\.com # Added the first dot to avoid overbroad blocking -cam\.us -cam-chat\.com -chat-room\.us -chat-live\.com -chat-room\.com -cams\.com -amateur\.com -webcams\.com

  1. -show\.com # disabled by brion, 2005-06-12, as it conflicts with good addrs

-cam\.com -chat\.com xyzdown\.com boxget\.net swan-storage\.com china57\.com touch168\.com fly-sky\.com ancientmoods\.com zhanao\.com easthome\.com putixin\.com d-secure\.com dadaposter\.com gongsizhuce\.com huifu\.com cnnttm\.com soonlink\.net cnbjflower\.com huojia315\.com sexeach\.com branson-china\.com lycos\.co\.uk/elo575 lycos\.es/migmigmig lycos\.nl/pierre141 easyspace\.com/hkl lj5\.net beijingxinfa\.com 88888\.net xzyrack\.com sinrui\.com bjjingtu\.com dfrog\.be -frauentag\.de\.sr zonemu\.com 3sex-zone\.com lazy-stars\.com eblja\.com sexy-eblja\.com microzovd\.com ama-son\.com ad-ope\.com lariska-porn\.com -topliste\.com tintenpatronen\.tv strapse\.tv zhongzhibiotech\.com creator-cg\.com sfcomm\.com telogis\.com dnsasp\.com 100free\.com sixmarklhc\.org -casino-chips\.com pv365\.com 365pv\.com pump365\.com valve365\.com bengfawang\.com magnus-automation\.com thaistudy\.net think-t\.com newstyle-w\.com writerlw\.com ly-yufeng\.com lnhbsb\.com dfhb\.com xinpushihua\.com casters-net\.com amwaypower\.com vita-biotech\.com google123\.net 900house\.com globalfbc\.com xiloo\.com xagoogle\.com dvdcn\.net xiaji\.net guilinhotel\.info nanting\.com news123\.org midiwu\.com huola\.com bjhsdx\.com 51zhengxing\.net dongdao\.net kredit-magazin\.com dprktime\.com lookupcars\.co\.uk china2house\.com buch5\.com -watch-china\.org dacash\.com omeida\.com ck100\.com huihualin\.com chindata\.com tonzh\.com 51zhengxing\.net raise-win\.com approachina\.com bjacca\.com tmrr\.com 1annonce\.com sunstar\.ws cock\.ws adp6\.co\.uk gatewaytotheorient\.com domesticgear\.com aajj\.net aauu\.net kykdz\.com china-crawfish\.com in-net\.ws yahoo\.com/a1likostar yahoo\.com/a0cany_2004 yahoo\.com/a00poleroid yahoo\.com/a00asaz yahoo\.com/a0_00leksa yahoo\.com/stoons_cartoon yahoo\.com/skystarpilot yahoo\.com/klirinc yahoo\.com/fhkdfohjdfhk yahoo\.com/freekeramika yahoo\.com/aikishot les-mas-de-provence\.com mp3prof\.com fullhentaimovies\.net -hentai\.net tartkartong\.com -cartoon\.com macdostu\.com disney-toons\.com cn4e\.com hzsaite\.com shjiajiao\.com myetang\.com locloso\.com bzzt\.net zoosex\.net knasweb\.se marnkad\.nu 84g\.com 4acn\.com in-sexstory\.com pics69\.com rp-story\.com -preisvergleich\.de price-comparison\.com cupfart\.net categoryshop\.com rake-back\.com clubducati\.com virgoans\.co\.uk grandads\.co\.uk 5p\.org\.uk noisybrain\.tv 3xx\.org baby-sleep\.us eq-1\.usrecipes online-web-detective\.com pop-the-question\.us gooddy-images\.com catering\.better-living\.us ultrawiredsex\.com apache-stuff\.com css-stuff\.com pythoninfo\.com ushummingbirds usfederal-firearms-license black-sex-teen\.com wislearn\.tv popkalaset\.nu tgpoverdose\.com porrposten\.com helena\.lindskog\.ws vscorp\.com realestatecds\.com letscompareit\.com archive4mail\.com funeral-planning\.us spytek\.tv annonsplatsen\.nu internet-world\.nu de-lete\.tv puttel\.com vastra\.nu quality\.nu nudotnetguy save-money\.ws brig\.nu helena\.lindskog\.ws pics-of\.com pics-of\.org pictures-free\.org wic\.nu xvil\.tv vetskapskoltema\.nu mauraders\.nu usstop-your-divorce etrafik\.com everythingonweb\.net a-z-how-to\.us day0\.comcatch-a-cheat states\.hostrocket\.com sew-roman-shades\.com medica-center\.com google8\.net websitedesigningpromotion\.com bahraichfun\.com thewebbrains\.com overseaspharmacy\.com biztravels\.com ceramic-mugs\.com governmentgrants-us\.com justsweatshirts\.com tmlawoffices\.com gccgle\.com lingeriesex\.org monolove\.org sweetadultpics\.com pansat2300\.com dvbcardgroup\.com bsdseek\.com flashworm\.com kkktv\.com qqbug\.com drusearch\.com gopages\.net pornxxxsearch\.com divaporn\.com virginsplanet\.com

  1. porn\.com

porn\.biz porn\.us realyoungboy\.com olderlady\.net dominatrix-domination\.com mailorder-steroids\.com contactlensesprice\.com xmyyz\.com lct3000\.com wuyue\.cn curtainnet\.com toobis\.com netsurf\.ru

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    1. More recent lists and additions
  2. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


xxx-me\.info thirty-one\.info

  1. Added by Yann from Foenyx request


  1. Added by elian on Achim's request (de:)


  1. Added by Brion from spam by

b0ne\.com slyip\.net gotgeeks\.com 3d-game\.com is-a-geek\.com soma\.homelinux\.com ultram\.serveftp\.com # restricted to subdomain ultram - Andre Engels, 2005-08-09 myvnc\.com mobic\.sytes\.net naproxen\.zapto\.org

  1. Added by Yann on 09.05.2005


  1. Added by brion may 23, 2005
  2. attacking many 3rd-party sites


  1. Added by brion may 25, 2005


  1. Added by brion may 27, 2005
  2. spam by on (deleted)

\.117000\.com \.126hao\.com \.51lac\.com \.52lac\.net \.563000\.com \.606162\.com \.70678\.com \.77556\.net \.borncompany\.com \.chinacarcenter\.net \.cncarcenter\.com \.cnticket\.net \.companyforyou\.com \.curevitiligo\.com \.dela88\.com \.designatchina\.com \.dreamathk\.com \.dreamatsh\.com \.dreamhk\.org \.duweb\.w2\.ftpcn\.cn \.goodticket\.org \.googletosh\.org \.haungsanok\.com \.jptrip\.org \.myshcompany\.com \.okcompany\.org \.okrentcar\.org \.postdream\.org \.printingok\.net \.ptrip\.net \.regsh\.com \.rentbuscompany\.net \.rentcarcenter\.com \.rentcarok\.org \.shbuscenter\.com \.shcarcenter\.com \.shrentcar\.com \.shticketcenter\.com \.shtranslate\.com \.ticketcenter\.cn \.translatebbs\.com \.tripto\.com \.tt001\.com \.tt002\.com \.tt003\.com \.tt004\.com \.tt005\.com \.utranslate\.org \.utranslation\.net

  1. added by brion, 2005-06-04

bjicp\.org lucking\.com\.cn

  1. added by brion, 2005-06-10

17ip\.com bj-united\.com\.cn carlack\.cn cnpeonyflowers\.com hsdvi\.com husemachinery\.com tzonline\.cn tzpet\.com\.cn x-rainbow\.com\.cn yorkinstrument\.com

  1. in zh wp many, 2005-06-09

hg-fix\.com hgfix\.org hg-fix\.org wxzgyb\.com yy-ls\.com xd-fw\.com hdchina\.com gmldsb\.com tljsrq\.com ryhgsb\.com

  1. added on request of FoeNyx


  1. added by brion, 2005-06-14


  1. added by brion, 2005-06-24


  1. added by shizhao, 2005-06-28


  1. in zh wp many, 2005-06-28

4394\.com 48123\.com tm003\.com 18019\.com 5ball\.org 001003\.com 67067\.com 15016\.com 6y7y\.com p003\.com 2y3y\.com tm259\.com 33044\.com 11033\.com 49sms\.com 530sms\.com



  1. Added by Raul654 6/28/05


  1. Added by shizhao 7/4/05 to 7/9/05

167bt\.com \.bitspirit\.com\.cn tencent\.cc 00856\.com

  1. spamming lots of wikis from different IPs


  1. Added by shizhao 7/19/05

zggift\.com buy214\.com lmlqzs\.com 7b\.net\.cn 51flower\.cn lmlqzs\.com 1car\.cn lmzg\.cn 66guilin\.com mojw\.com zzhxsb\.com bjshunsui\.com qhycchina\.com 9s6\.com fullmelon\.com xuemeipaper\.com sem\.org\.cn ecyy\.com ecyy\.cn

  1. Added by Andre Engels 7/20/05

sexkanjer\.nl # sexspammer on nl show-your-pussy

nerdcamp\.net duplo\.dnip\.net funnydog\.prettyfar\.com zenno\.info shemtop\.bpa\.nu

  1. Added by Raul654 7/26/05


  1. Added by Datrio 8/4/05

nonews\.ru mixmeteo\.ru sealse\.com serjen\.com es-standart\.com \.static\.net

  1. Added by UninvitedCompany 8/5/05

-handys\.de handy-fun\.tk handy-kaufhaus\.tk hostfuck\.com

  1. Added by brion 2005-08-08
  3. webzdarma\.cz < considered too broad
  4. bigsitecity\.com
  5. newmail\.ru
  6. mujweb\.cz < considered too broad
  7. \.sweb\.cz < considered too broad
  1. Replacing overly broad once above - Andre Engels, 2005-08-09

heavytools\.webzdarma\.cz phentermine-online hydrocodone\.webzdarma\.cz spyware\.webzdarma\.cz phentermine\.webzdarma\.cz carisoprodol\.webzdarma\.cz sexforfree\.webzdarma\.cz viagra\.newmail\.ru phentermine\.newmail\.ru donewhere\.bigsitecity\.com olonline\.bigsitecity\.com spyware\.bigsitecity\.com

  1. Added by Andre Engels, 2005-08-09
  2. German repeated spammers

\.modz\.de viagra100\.tk viagra100\.net

  1. Japanese sex spammer

aftar\.bpa\.nu crionica\.bpa\.nu streamings\.cable\.nu fectr\.dundeeleagues\.ca sherlok\.homes\.com\.au duplo\.dnip\.net author\.nerdcamp\.net chaka\.nerdcamp\.net dabest\.nerdcamp\.net ferdrubt\.nerdcamp\.net freedom\.nerdcamp\.net popov\.nerdcamp\.net funnydog\.prettyfar\.com perfection\.prettyfar\.com whoisi\.whyza\.net bidlo\.zenno\.info fakir\.zenno\.info

  1. Added by UninvitedCompany, 8/10/2005


  1. Added by James F., 2005.vii.21, as requested by CraigSpurrier

buyhydrocodone\.afraid\.org phentermine-drugs\.euro\.tm



  2. Note that should be blocked alltogether

21jewelry\.com mrjeweller\.us detox-kit\.com adipex.shengen\.ru levitra.shengen\.ru lortab.shengen\.ru diazepam.shengen\.ru protonix.shengen\.ru hydrocodone.shengen\.ru detox-kit\.com tests-market\.com toe.shengen\.ru detox.shengen\.ru jewelry.shengen\.ru

  1. added by brion


  1. Added by Yann on 25-8-2005 (from Meta)

phenterminex\.freespaces\.com phentermine-pills\.euro\.tm smartsearch\.name fanny-girls\.info hotsex\.free-pussy\.org

  1. Annoying user on fr:


  1. Some nl spam links

\.hostfuck\.com gensei-ryu\.nl

  1. HeinzJ 15:32, 10. Mär 2006 (CET)
  2. spam links

epsilon\.zenno\.info googlesuka\.zenno\.info stol\.zenno\.info


shoesbuy\.com shoesshop\.biz

  1. from zh

28k8\.com \.8z\.cn \.8z\.cn \.reeds\.com\.cn

  1. Raul's additions


  1. from zh


  1. \.xinyicom\.com

\.ltdcr\.com \.ltdcr\.net \.ltdcr\.org \.ltdcr\.cn \.hkccr\.org \.hkce\.org \.hkce\.net \.cegcr\.com \.cegcr\.net \.hktmr\.com \.hkltdcr\.org \.tradeinvests\.com \.ovecr\.cn \.bjicp\.com cnfibernet\.com\.cn \.tvsou\.com \.54163\.com



  1. additions by Mindspillage
  2. 4 October 05


  1. 10 Oct 05

\.hotweb\.pp\.ru \.webtech\.pp\.ru

  1. 1 Mar 06 (requested by Danny)


  1. 1 Mar 06 (requested by Dmcdevit, see


  1. 7 October 05 Hashar (spam on fr:)


  1. 23 oct elian (spam on de)






  1. 19 november reported by amgine
  2. etc


  1. Requested by Ta bu shi da yu, added by Tim Starling




  1. 4 dec 05, persistant spammer on de --elian


  1. 15 dec 05, upon request of german wikinewsies --elian


  1. Tepeating spammer on many projects


  1. dec 10, spammer on en requested by. zigger


  1. Amgine's

justlovexx\.net www\.g155\.info www\.f9zs\.info 4ljd\.info pills-pharmacy\.be 98\.to # Hégésippe's list us\.ma([\/\]\b\s]|$) be\.ma([\/\]\b\s]|$) 1stOK\.com 3xforum\.ro servik\.com 90d7\.info executiveshuttleservice\.com dir\.fasthoster\.de joke34\.info 4wj6\.info www\.ChezBrandon\.com searchyourporn\.info adult-area\.info girls\.info

  1. D.M.: used for shock links


  1. Brian0918

www\.look4vacation\.com bulgaria-houses\.com #spam on EN by hawaiicity\.com #purposely hidden spam on EN by

  1. Datrio

adult\.dynu\.net celika\.dynu\.net #add by Suisui

  1. Datrio, by request from IRC

vendweb\.com xthost\.info

  1. Massive spam


  1. Suisui

caribvoice\.org raus\.de\/crashme\/ northwestairlines\.bravehost\.com,wkt news\.scenecritique\.com #20060115jawiki mp3\.com\/users\/

  1. Datrio, spam on Commons and Wikinews

ijijiji\.com \.5g6y\.info

  1. [5:04pm] egg: anyone alive? i need an address to be blacklisted.
  2. [5:04pm] egg: this one:
  3. [5:05pm] egg: there's a massive robot attack on cswiki.
  4. [5:05pm] egg: brion: ping


  1. - User:M7 (M/)

signoraggio\.com megabustybimbos\.com tropeaonline\.it

  1. - User:M7 (M/)

animemanga\.de bleach\.de detektivconan\.de digitalmonsters\.de dragonballz\.de gundamwing\.de gundamseed\.de hikarunogo\.de inuyasha\.de naruto\.de onepiece\.de princeoftennis\.de ranma\.de shaman-king\.de yugioh\.de fanart\.de

  1. commons

health-medical\.be ignorelist\.com freewebs\.com\/diet-about-diet fioricet-drugs\.mooo\.com ultram-drugs\.strangled\.net

  1. Added by Raul654 on Jan 25 2006 - constant spamming on en main page

all\.yard\.ru sleepgoodmusic\.com w9uh\.info wikipedia\.on\.nimp\.org \.on\.nimp\.org

  1. URL shortners
  2. Used by the GNAA to link to malware pages; added by Raul654 on Feb 3
  3. Expanded pre-emptively on Feb 26

0rz\.net 1tiny\.com 301url\.com 6url\.com ataja\.es babyurl\.com compactURL\.com digbig\.com doiop\.com eb\.cx elfurl\.com flingk\.com lin\.kz link\.toolbot\.com linkezy\.com linktrim\.com ln-s\.net # silsor lnk\.in makeashorterlink\.com metamark\.net minilien\.com notlong\.com o-rly\.net paulding\.net qurl\.net runurl\.com shorl\.com shortlinks\.co\.uk shurl\.net shurl\.org simurl\.com smcurl\.com snipurl\.com tighturl\.com tinyclick\.com tinylink\.com tinyr\.us tinyurl\.co\.uk tinyurl\.com tny\.se url.etusivu\.net url123\.com url\.fm urlcut\.com urlmask\.com urlx\.org w3t\.org xrl\.us yatuc\.com # added by D.M. yep\.it

  1. The following is added by a spyware, see talk


  1. Lir's site - he's been spamming it (evading his arbcom block at the same time)


  1. Delphine's little list


  1. Essjay's list

starswelove\.com #spamming on en.wikipedia

  1. requests

coinable\.com #by epopt meltemi\.pl cheap-airline-tickets\.be pills-pharmacy\.us www-search\.be viprape\.com kwik\.to bestdeals\.at rr\.nu passingg\.as ontheweb\.nu isgre\.at byinter\.net lowestprices\.at girlswantmore\.info qiiq\.info e-dsp\.com putinbay\.com pibinfo\.com putinbayphotos\.com put-in-bayonline\.com muturzikin\.com # DM bizorigin\.com # DM haber18\.com haber18\.com kimim\.com misterwatchonline\.com zrhwiki\.ch lopezzz\.be putinbayresort\.com furosemide\.be toprol\.be lisinopril\.be synthroid\.be norvasc\.be physicsarchives\.com webzdarma\.cz nascarspace\.com logos\.com iquebec\.com xenon-hebergement\.net

virginporn\.info #Requested on talkpage qklinkserver\.com #Requested on talkpage

don-search\.com #Requested by freakofnurture find-web\.info #Requested by freakofnurture bypills\.net #Requested by freakofnurture web-best\.info #Requested by freakofnurture