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  • GeoServer
    The Geoserver project acts as a thin, portable, OpenGIS-compliant web services layer on top of existing data sources
  • Shapelib
    Shapelib is a simple C API for reading and writing ESRI Shapefiles. It is Free Software available in source form, under an MIT Style (preferred) and GNU LGPL (optional) license
  • version 4.4.7 of geographic projection toolkit proj
    New Open Source Delphi API version of this toolkit with delphi and cbuilder api's and the libraries proj447.lib and proj447.dll a new demo witch containes a simple proj coordinate wrapper for delphi (in cbuilder it is done). A binary distribution of the proj.exe, geod.exe, cs2cs, nad2nad, nadgrid for Windows NT compiled with BCC55 is available as well


  • NetGIS bei NetGIS GIS Map Server, NetGIS Custom Data Adapters, NetGIS GIS Web Services, NetGIS GIS Geocoding Web Services, NetGIS GIS Application Objects, NetGIS Web Controls.