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Arc Generate Format
Bezeichnung: Generate
Erweiterung: .
Struktur: Vektor
Format: plain text format
Organisation: ESRI


Arc GENERATE is a very simple plain text format for spatial data: points, lines, polygons, and text annotations. It is used by the GENERATE tool in ESRI's Arc/INFO software.

  • Points GENERATE files for points represent each point with its id, x and y coordinate on one line having the form: ,, The id is any numeric value; it need not be unique within the file. The last line in the file consists of the string "END". Example: 101,3.45,2.28 102,3.90,1.85 103,4.01,1.53 END
  • Lines GENERATE files for lines represent each spatial line as a series of text lines having the form: , , ... , END The id is any numeric value; it need not be unique within the file. Every spatial line is terminated with a text line consisting of just the string "END". The entire file is also terminated with a line consisting of just the string "END". Example: 201 3.54,2.28 3.90,1.85 4.01,1.53 END 202 5.22,7.08 4.87,7.59 END END
  • Polygons GENERATE files for polygon features are the same as GENERATE files for lines, except that the last point of each line must equal the first point of the line. * Branches and Holes? Can GENERATE files represent lines with branches? Can GENERATE files represent polygons with holes? * Notes There are other GENERATE file types. They may also represent 3D features by adding a z coordinate.