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Map Suite is the name of a group of GIS software developer components produced by ThinkGeo. Designed to be used by developers working with the Microsoft .NET platform, Map Suite includes separate components designed for authoring of web, desktop, server and mobile-based GIS applications. All Map Suite components are native to the .NET platform and are licensed on a royalty-free basis.

.NET Developer Components

The complete set of Map Suite GIS developer tools includes five components:

  • Desktop Edition, designed for authoring desktop GIS software
  • Web Edition with AJAX enhancements, designed for authoring web-based GIS applications
  • Engine Edition, a framework for creating desktop services, web services and console applications
  • Pocket PC Edition, a .NET Compact Framework control for authoring Windows Mobile GIS software
  • Geocode USA, a geocoding and reverse geocoding component

Base Map Plugins

ThinkGeo's concept of a base map plugin is an extension to a Map Suite .NET developer component that includes optimized spatial data and prewritten rendering code. Together, these tools represent a full suite of tools for creating GIS applications focused on a particular geographic area.

Available base map plugins include:

  • Render USA, for U.S.-based GIS applications
  • Render Canada, for Canadian GIS applications
  • Render World, for GIS applications with a global scope or spanning multiple countries

Many of the plugins include country-specific road signage imagery.

Spatial Data and Extensions

Rounding out the Map Suite product family are standalone sets of spatial data and other extensions to support GIS application development, including:

  • USA Data in Shapefile format
  • World Data in Shapefile format
  • Map Suite Icon Library, icons designed to enhance spatial applications

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