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GeoCalc is released as an application and all the source code used in the application is available on the Downloads page. The application and the source code is released under the conditions in the Mozilla Public License Version 1.1.

Functionality: GeoCalc© contains sub-applications that perform the following:

  • Convert angles in DMS format to decimal degrees
  • Convert angles in decimal degree to DMS format
  • Convert UTM grid coordinates to Latitude/Longitude
  • Convert Latitude/Longitude to UTM grid coordinates
  • Perform Vincenty's Direct calculation
  • Perform Vincenty's Inverse calculation

There is provisions for the user to customize the input/output by specifying the format of the angular values, the number of output decimal places and the input and output distance units. The user can also select from a list of standard ellipse/datum names. The customized values are stored in a file of preferences.